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Wouldn't it be nice to have a complete solar electric system delivered right to your door- one that does exactly what you need it to do- without breaking the bank? Regardless of whether you are currently tied into the electrical grid or you need power for a remote cabin in the woods, our solar kits are custom tailored to meet your demands. Suitable for almost any budget, and complete with every thing that you need to get you up and running quickly. Not sure what type of solar kit you should buy? Chat with our online expert. It's easy and free.

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The Brands you need for Maximum Solar Panel Efficiency

As a critical part of any solar electric system, inverters convert the electricity collected by solar panels into the type of current used in your home. If you are tied into the grid, it synchronizes electricity between your solar electric system and the grid. With the right inverter, solar panel performance can be optimized for maximum output and allow for future expansion of your system. Whether you want to power your washing machine or light up an entire city block, our quality inverters allow you to take full advantage of your solar panel's efficiency.


Solar Electric Systems

The Smart Money is On Solar Electric Systems

Our solar electric systems utilize both direct and indirect sunlight, so you are sure to have power regardless of where you live. Flexible enough to customize for any application, you can start small and add on later. Solar energy in the USA has proven to be a reliable, clean, and cost effective method of generating electricity for your home or business. With a 25 year return on investment of up to 200%, it is one of the single smartest home improvements you can make. Find out how much you can start saving today!

DIY Solar Systems

Multiply Your Savings

If you want to save even more on your solar electric system and you are handy around the house, our DIY solar kits are the perfect solution. Inexpensive and easy to install, these kits are customized to fit your expectations. Components include solar panels, inverters, racking, battery back up, and any other necessary hardware. The best part is that you don't have to go it alone! We provide assistance with DIY solar permitting, system configuration and installation tips. Do it yourself and save big $$$. Grid-tied solar kits and non-grid solar kits available.

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