Grid Tied Solar Kits from Peak Solar: Lower Your Energy Bills with Green Power

Solar power today is more practical, efficient, and affordable than ever. But many home and business owners shy away from solar because they fear high installation costs, or worry that it’s too complicated. And many question the economy of a grid-tied solar power system, even as photovoltaic (PV) panels are cheap and effective.

Fortunately, Peak Solar makes designing, building, and installing a custom grid-tied solar system for your home or business easy and headache free. You can install one of our grid-tied kits yourself, or we can install it for you, all with expert support from Peak Solar. We give you everything you need to start enjoying the benefits of solar power today.


Grid Tied Solar Kits Offer Many Other Benefits Besides Lower Energy Bills

With a grid-tied solar power system installed in your home or business, you will experience all the great benefits of solar energy without many of the overhead expenses of other solar systems. By tying in your home solar power system to the electrical grid, you never have to worry that your solar panels aren’t producing enough energy for your daily use.


Other benefits of a grid-tied solar kit from Peak Solar include the following:

  • Your energy bills will be significantly lower as your own solar power system will generate most of the power you need for daily activities.
  • When your usage exceeds your solar system’s capacity, you’re already connected to the municipal power grid, so you’ll always have backup power.
  • Net metering allows you to sell your excess solar power back to the utility company, earning you money against your energy bill.
  • Grid-tied solar systems don’t require expensive batteries to store electrical power generated by the PV panels.
  • Peak Solar’s customized kits are designed with your specific energy use in mind, meaning your system will produce precisely the amount of energy you need.
  • Generating your own green power with solar energy is more environmentally sustainable, reducing demand for coal-burning power plants, and helping the earth.

The one drawback to installing a grid-tied solar system is that you will still suffer from power outages on those rare occasions when the grid goes down. But this restriction is an important safety feature, designed to protect utility line workers. Overall, the many benefits of grid-tied solar far outweigh the downside.


Peak Solar’s Professional Support Takes the Sting Out of Installing YourOn Grid Solar Kit

Peak Solar will custom design your on grid solar system based on your actual energy needs—your summer and winter energy use—and your zip code. Our low-priced grid tied solar kits are simple enough that anyone can install them, or you can opt for complete professional installation if you so desire.

Peak Solar’s grid tied solar kits can be roof mounted, pole mounted, or ground mounted and include components from top manufacturers:

  • Solar Panels by Jinko, Perlight, Renogy, Canadian Solar, Sharp, and many others
  • Grid-Tied Solar Inverters from Enphase, SMA, Renesola, Fronius, and Power One
  • Solar Racking Systems by Unirac, Iron Ridge, Pro Solar, and Runusol
  • Balance of System Components, including cabling, junction boxes, couplers, and more

 Peak Solar offers 24/7 support before, during, and after installation. Our experienced technicians can help you optimize your on grid solar system for maximum efficiency and savings.


Join the Green Energy Revolution with Quality, Low-Cost Grid Tied Solar Kits by Peak Solar

Peak Solar designs custom on grid solar power systems for homes and businesses across America. Discover the benefits of lower energy bills and a greener earth by switching to solar energy and save up to 60% on your energy bills.

Contact Peak Solar today for a free quote. While the sun shines, you could be powering your house into the 21st century. [link to Contact]


Solar Kits Grid-Tied

2,350 Watt Solar Power System

Expandable 2.35 KW Solar Power System...

Sales price: $4,950.00

Product details

5,280 Watt Solar Kit

5.28 kw Solar Panel SMA Inverter...

Sales price: $9,195.00

Product details

Enphase 4,600 Watt Canadian Solar M215 Micro Inverter Solar System

4.6Kw Solar Enphase M215 Micro Inverter...

Sales price: $9,992.00

Product details

5,760 Watt Complete Solar Kit

5.76 kw Solar Panel with SMA Inverter,...

Sales price: $10,030.00

Product details

Enphase 6,900 Watt M215 Micro Inverter Solar Syst

6.9Kw Solar Enphase M215 Micro Inverter...

Sales price: $13,762.92

Product details

10,290 Watt Complete Solar Kit

10.29 kw Solar Panel SMA Inverter...

Sales price: $16,999.00

Product details

13.44KW Only $1.39 per watt

13.44Kw System $1.39 per watt, limited...

Sales price: $18,734.80

Product details

Enphase 9,600 Watt M215 Micro Inverter Solar System

9.60Kw Solar Enphase M215 Micro...

Sales price: $18,764.92

Product details

19,740 Watt Complete Solar Kit

19.740 kw Solar Panel SMA Inverter...

Sales price: $32,492.00

Product details

24,800 Watt Complete Solar Kit

24.8 kw Solar Panel SMA Inverter...

Sales price: $39,999.00

Product details