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Home Solar Systems by Peak Solar Help You DIY and Save on Your Energy Bill

More and more home and business owners are turning to solar power today because the idea of saving money on energy while helping keep the earth green is a good thing. But how can you best take advantage of the many benefits of solar power? Will the cost of installation be too much? Can you safely and easily install your own home solar kits?

Peak Solar gives you everything you need to customize, install, and operate money-saving home solar systems. We'll help you choose the best solar system for your home or business and provide all the technical support you will need for the life of your system. Our hybrid off-grid home solar kits are one of the best energy solutions around.

Off Grid Home Solar Kits Come in 2 Customizable Varieties

When choosing among home solar systems, one of the drawbacks of grid-tied solar is that you lose power when the grid goes down. Power outages can be a bigger issue for you, depending on where you live. The alternative is to go completely off the grid.

As romantic and sustainable as that sounds, going off the grid with solar isn't that simple. So off grid home solar systems come in 2 varieties: hybrid and stand alone. A completely stand alone off grid solar system needs batteries to store energy and maintain electricity. Unlike PV panels, which keep getting cheaper to produce, battery banks are expensive, and depending on your budget, not the most efficient solution.

Hybrid home solar kits, on the other hand, are still connected to the grid, allowing you to more efficiently regulate your home electricity usage and receive important benefits, such as net metering and tax breaks. Hybrid systems use smaller battery banks for the rare occasions when the grid goes down, so you won't lose power. For most homes and businesses, a hybrid system is the best off grid option.

Peak Solar Offers Affordable Off Grid Home Solar Systems with Complete Tech Support

Peak Solar will analyze your home energy usage during peak months and help you design a custom off grid solar system that is ideal for your needs. We can even design home solar systems for any structure anywhere, including RVs, boats, workshops, cabins, and vacation homes.

We'll provide complete technical support if you want to install your system yourself, or professional installation if you prefer. Our home solar kits are constructed with parts and components made by leading manufactures:

  • Solar Panels by Jinko, Perlight, Renogy, Canadian Solar, Sharp, and many others
  • Solar Racking Systems by Unirac, Iron Ridge, Pro Solar, and Runusol
  • Solar Batteries by Trojan and other environmentally conscious firms
  • Inverter Chargers from Outback, Magnum, and others
  • Charge Controllers by Morningstar, Outback, Victron Energy, and more
  • Balance of System Components, including cabling, junction boxes, couplers, and more

Our experienced technicians can help you optimize your home solar system for maximum efficiency and benefits. Peak Solar is on call 24 hours a day.

Make Your Home or Business More Sustainable with Quality, Off Grid Home Solar Systems by Peak Solar

Peak Solar designs custom, off grid home solar systems and home solar kits for homes and businesses everywhere. Let us custom design a hybrid off grid system especially for you, and get a 30% tax break.

Contact Peak Solar today for a free quote. While the sun shines, you could be powering your house into the 21st century.

Solar Kits Off-Grid

4,600 Watt Grid-Tie with Battery Backup System

4.6KW Hybrid Grid-Tie Photovoltaic (PV)...

Sales price: $12,000.00

Product details

4,830 Watt System with Battery backup

4.83KW Photovoltaic (PV) Power System...

Sales price: $12,990.00

Product details